Monday, October 20, 2008

When Chris went hunting me and the kids went up to see Grandpa B. We went to the drive in to pick up some nostalgic memorbillia that Jami had to have! Try an 8 foot by 6 foot A&W Root Bear and a huge clown head. After that we went to dinner and then home to visit for a bit. We try to visit as much as we can. He is coming here for Thanksgiving and then we are all going to Bend, OR for Christmas.
I do think that I am shrinking or my kids are getting really tall. Holy cow!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chris and Matt returning from hunting.....

Don't look too hard or try to figure out what your looking at....just look at the rack.
This was Matt's prize----anyone for dinner at the Grimms'?
A tad blurry---not sure why.
Barker soooo happy to see daddy.

Matt did have Barker at the end of the truck sniffing the deer scent, but then Buttons ran out of the house and you only see his hind end as he takes chase.
Barker and Jamison, he was just excited to see everyone.

Squirrel that the cats were watching...


Buttons and Bella are now outdoors alot. Buttons was laying here watching a squirrel in the yard. They don't ever chase them though....weird. I would think she thinks it was a mouse or rat.

EEWWW her eyes get so bad being outside...time for eye wipes.

Chris' 42nd and my 1st totally homemade pie!

This is Chris--hunting beard and all celebrating his birthday with some of the daycare--Selah in front, Barker, Jordyn and Jayda. His all time favorite dessert is Coconut Cream Pie. JoLayne is famous for her many homemade pies for David, so I took a page from her book and made her no fail pie crust--sooooo flaky and easy and everything else took awhile, but well worth the surprise to Chris in the end. After daycare we went to Johnny's Dock on the waterfront, then went to Muckleshoot Casino and stayed out way to late for a Thursday night (1:30). Happy Birthday Baby!

I had to document this day!

Jami golfing at Northshore in Tacoma

Eventhough Jami is going to Highline CC, he can still play on Todd Beamer's golf team. He is having a lot of fun and today is playing in a JV tournament, then Friday he is playing with Varsity in hopes of playing with Varsity for Districts. TBHS came in 1st in their league.

Waiting on the 9th hole to take his shot.
Clearly frustrated with this hole!

Mom goes to Portland to check up on things...

A few weeks a go I went to Portland to visit Nikki. I stayed at the Marriott in downtown Portland. Nikki had to work 2 of the days, which turned out to be ok, because my hotel was right across the street from Nordstrom where Nik works. At night she had friends come and go hot tubbing at the hotel. We shopped and went to some nice restaurants, we walked to Starbucks each morning and got our coffee. The highlight had to be that we were on the 13th floor (YES 13th) and we looked down onto another hotels roof. Well that hotel had 2 pentnouse suites on the roof, each with their own hot tub. Wouldn't you think twice about hot tubbing naked while you have a mondo hotel right next door with gillions of rooms looking onto your hot tub? Well for one couple I think we were invisible. They held NOTHING back, including both exiting naked and he was carrying a very sharp sword! We just happen to be looking out the window at the view of the city and came upon this.

Kelli (Nik's roomate), Nik, Brittney

I stopped in Longview on the way home and saw my Nephews Tanner, (MAX), Dillon. These are Jason Mills' sons (Chris' brother), he is married to Stacey.